The Stories


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It Walks In The Family

A young man finds himself at the mercy of his very authoritarian half-sister. (Joelle Garner Trilogy I)


The Perfect Storm 

A young lawyer hires the assistant of his dreams but his personal and professional lifes get a little complicated afterwards. (Joelle Garner Trilogy II)


The Private Link 

The quiet janitor of an apartment building develops an unlikely friendship with a newly arrived, bold and wild tenant. (Joelle Garner Trilogy III)



A woman discovers her son's diary and share the reading of its shocking words with her best friend. 


The One And Only

Attempting to find his very special soulmate, a man meets a lovely woman through Internet dating sites. Both are immediately interested in one another but will they accept each other's flaws?


The Beggar's Wish

In this clash of class tale, a workaholic financial advisor finds herself an unexpected friend in this homeless boy who happens to be in awe of her.


The Games

A young man meets the mature lady of his dreams and tries to win her cold heart.


The Mourner

The young newly appointed caretaker of the Saint Joan Cemetery is suddenly attracted by the most mysterious woman he has ever laid eyes upon.


Very, Very!

A newly retired man falls for a prostitute and their union goes through highs and lows as the honesty of the young woman is put to the test.


The Ivory Tower

When a man is fired by the new owner of the law firm where he works, he also receives a new job proposal that will soon transform his life in a way that he could never have anticipated.